Body Bliss was formed on a simple premise. Therapists and body workers are in intimate contact with the products they use all day, every day. If they are using products that can negatively impact their health, they can quickly begin to suffer a range of consequences. If, on the other hand, they work with products that support and enhance their well-being, then the benefits they feel will in turn flow naturally to the clients they are working on. Perhaps the best endorsement of the quality and purity of Body Bliss products comes from the fact they are embraced with fervent enthusiasm and loyalty by therapists in many of the most beautiful and wellness oriented spas from coast to coast.

In making products that support healthy lifestyles, two things are important: what you leave out and what you put in. On the leave out side of the equation, we believe that the widespread use of water dispersible massage oils and synthetic fragrances are two of the areas that have the most potential impact on therapists’ health. Body Bliss uses no artificial fragrances and no dispersing massage oils. In addition, our products contain no paraben preservatives, no mineral oils, no harsh laureth and lauryl sulfate cleansers, no phthalates and no formaldehyde donors.

What we put in our products are the finest natural and sustainable botanical raw materials. We search the world for boutique growers and distillers of fine essential oils. Working with small collectives of farmers who produce fine, organic and ethically wild-harvested essential oils at the same time as preserving the natural environment, we are proud to formulate products that will delight your senses and offer you tangible therapeutic benefits.

We look forward to working with you...helping you maximize the quality of the products you are working with, while keeping you healthy and happy too.

We bring you the power of aromatherapy - curated without compromise

Pamela Sculthorp - CEO/Owner



Symbolism of the Body Bliss Logo

The symbolism of the logo is simple. The word BODY is emboldened because it is the more physical or tangible part of us. The word BLISS is lighter as it represents the more ethereal part of us. They are joined because we operate in the place where the physical - the body, touch, product - and the etheric - scent, vibration, energy – meet and BLISS is released. The tiny flame design over the word BODY represents ‘ajna’ the home of concealed wisdom in Vedic teaching, and the place where all inspiration for Body Bliss products comes from.