Aroma Design Bar

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Product Description

Aroma Design Bar is like having a complete aromatherapy spa in a box. It allows unrivalled creativity and personalization, while staying true to the authenticity and effectiveness that makes Body Bliss the leader in this field.

Set it up anywhere – treatment room, relaxation area, retail store, a patio or conference room – and start blending and wowing your guests.

Customized gift giving, group sales, spa parties, site visits, seasonal treatments are all made simple yet special with Aroma Design Bar.

Aroma Design Bar is a system that allows you to custom create hundreds of delightful, therapeutic grade aromatherapy blends for your guests. With Aroma Design Bar you can easily and profitably convert these blends into enchanting
treatments and retail sales.

The Aroma Design Bar experience comes to life through the use of the Intentional Aromatherapy App for iPad. This simple, fun and educational innovation allows guests to explore, choose and create aromatherapy blends. Guests can relax into blending knowing that whatever they create will be both effective and enticing because the process is guided by the expertize of a master aromatherapist.

By combining the eight unscented bases and five botanical boosters available with the Bar, you can create literally thousands of beautiful custom products. In a matter of minutes you can satisfy your guests’ desire for an experience that is both authentic and truly personalized – and create a fan for life.

How to Use

*iPad is not included in the Bar. Intentional Aromatherapy App is supplied on a subscription basis.

Please call us for details, or for a demonstration of the app.



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