Aroma Design Mini

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Product Description

Aroma Design Mini is an extremely versatile and cost effective aromatherapy treatment tool. With it therapists can offer customized, organic aromatherapy treatments with no fuss and no waste. One Mini gives you approximately 500 treatments, which means you can customize fine quality aromatherapy massages and body treatments in a very cost effective way. The Mini is easy, accessible and quick to use for all therapists – whether they have a basic or advanced knowledge of aromatherapy. A convenient feature of the module is that any part can be re-ordered separately; which means that if you need an extra set of recipe cards or you use lavender faster than any other oil, there is no problem.

How to Use

Each of the laminated recipe cards included with Aroma Design Mini illustrates a quick to prepare recipe sufficient for a 2fl.oz bottle of unscented massage oil (or body polish etc.) The recipes address specific issues and can be blended in two minutes in front of the client to offer them a tailored aromatherapy experience. As each bottle in the mini contains one fine quality essential oil, the kit can also be used to ‘free blend’ any custom recipe of the therapist’s choosing. Or, estheticians can take the module into a facial to use particular oils such as lavender or rose as they need them.



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