15% off NEW Body Bliss Self-care Packages for Wellness Month

15% off NEW Body Bliss Self-care Packages for Wellness Month

Celebrate Wellness Month with us! The new Body Bliss self-care packages are designed to reduce stress, alleviate common concerns, and create a sense of wellbeing through the power of aromatherapy. Get 15% off the whole month of August on Self-care packages to create a spa experience at home.

The Wellness Package

Supercharge your wellness routine with a curated selection of Body Bliss products designed to balance mind, body and spirit.

  • iPlay Wintergreen & Arnica Salve
  • Eucalyptus Mint Shower Mist
  • Protect Essential Oil Blend
  • Inspired Arnica and Aloe Gel Therapy
  • Pure Hands Lemon & Tea Tree Rinse Free Hand Wash (8 oz)

The At Home Facial Package

Everything you need for a professional facial at home is included in this Package. Our facial line Vibrant Beauty balances the best of ancient botanicals with current anti- aging technologies. All the products are free of artificial fragrance and colors, mineral oil, harsh sulfate cleansers, phthalates and nano-particles.

  • Illuminating or Rejuvenating Serum .5oz
  • Illuminating or Rejuvenating Skin Tonic .5oz
  • Illuminating or Rejuvenating Face Cream .5oz
  • Hot Cloth Balm 1oz
  • Gentle Face Wash 1oz
  • Peptide Eye Cream .125oz
  • Sedona Clay Mineral Mask .125oz
  • Active Charcoal Face mask .125oz
  • Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant .125oz

Head to Toe Care Package

Missing our spa treatments while sheltering at home? These products provide everything for a head to toe aromatherapy experience, improving the condition of your hair, lips, and feet—and everywhere in between!

  • Coconut Kukui Argan Hair & Scalp Serum
  • iLove Rose & Vanilla Lip Balm
  • Heartful Organic Geranium & Rose Shea Butter
  • Inspired Organic Mint and Arnica Soothing Salve
  • Chai Spice & Vanilla Mango Butter Foot Balm

Mood Uplifting Package

Recent studies show a concerning spike in depression and anxiety in these uncertain times. This package is loaded with essential oils known through the ages to uplift and improve mood.

The CBD Package

Our CBD products combine effect of full spectrum CBD with our powerful essential oils, which have the potential to contribute to pain relief and an overall sense of wellbeing. Our unique blend of essential oils were chosen for their ability to bond more strongly with CBD receptors.

The CBD Package Includes: 

  • CBD Joint Formula
  • 2 oz CBD Magnesium Gel (125 mg)
  • 2 oz Joint Formula (125 mg)
  • 4 oz CBD Body Lotion (125mg CBD)
  • 0.5 oz CBD Salve (125mg CBD)

Claim your 15% off this month in the name of Wellness!