A Revolution in Men's Aromatherapy - (Guest Blog by Jason Antonino)

The goal of my business, Bold Aromatherapy, is to promote a revolution in aromatherapy for men. But what does this mean? What does it entail? Let’s dive into that.

Where it all began…

I’m going to talk about how I got started with essential oils and aromatherapy first. In the autumn of 2013, I was on Facebook and started seeing more stories in my newsfeed about natural homemade products and living naturally. Think MindBodyGreen, Health & Natural Living, Healthy and Natural World, etc.

I started seeing information about “essential oils” and how they’re all-natural products with a plurality of benefits. I went on Amazon and made my first purchase: Peppermint and Tea Tree oils.

Be honest, bro. You’re doing this to meet women, aren’t you?

Even though aromatherapy and natural products are a female-dominated area, I can tell you that girls were the furthest thing from my mind when I was putting peppermint and tea tree on an outdoor light fixture (don’t do this) because I heard they were good insect repellents. I also wasn’t thinking about dating when I put lemon essential oil in a glass of water (don’t do this either). This is all about improving one’s quality of life. It’s not a quick fix. If I meet someone through this lifestyle choice, great.

How I got schooled

Sometime in 2014, I realized that pursuing a formal education in aromatherapy would be a good idea. I looked around at online and offline options and enrolled in the 100-hour clinical aromatherapy program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA).

I took classes online and offline from January through May 2015. I liked the hands-on learning and group instruction the school provided. I made some new friends this way. And lo and behold, a number of SWIHA students have profiles on a dating website called MeetMindful. A few of them found my profile and realized, “Hey, that guy was in one of my classes!” Never underestimate the power of community. Especially a community of people who take good care of themselves. Great people tend to find each other.

You say you want a revolution?

Revolution is a pretty strong word. I believe that aromatherapy and essential oils and natural raw ingredients are versatile and powerful enough to change lives for the better, one-by-one. I’ve seen it firsthand. That is my inspiration.


I’m not referring to a squad of cops doing a raid, or fly swatters, but rather the SWOT acronym, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

What are the Strengths of the Men’s Aromatherapy movement?

  • Male aromatherapy is an underrepresented and growing market
  • Several aromatherapy experts are men (Tisserand, Young, Pappas, Webb, et al.)
  • A number of professional organizations in existence (NAHA, ARC, etc.)

What are the Weaknesses?

  • Aromatherapy and essential oils are seen as faddish or fake by some people
  • Unethical behavior by MLMs and sales reps
  • Lack of regulation in the industry


  • Male skin and hair care markets are growing
  • Need for safety education
  • Need for accurate, reliable and user-friendly information about essential oils


  • Some MLM reps, motivated by money, continue to spread myths and promote unsafe essential oil practices
  • Professional aromatherapists are being undermined by myths, inaccurate data, and unsafe practices
  • Consumers are being harmed by misinformation and ignorance


Aromatherapy, while mostly represented by women, has great potential to benefit men. I’m focusing my brand on the benefits of aromatherapy for guys.

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