​Au Soleil for the Intentional Aromatherapy™ App

Au Soleil Category for the Intentional Aromatherapy™ App Creates Personalized Aloe Face & Body Mists

We are excited to introduce a brand-new category to our Intentional Aromatherapy™ App. Au Soleil is designed to be used with our new base product, the soothing Aloe Face & Body Mist. With Au Soleil, users create unique combinations of essential oils, ranging from calming to uplifting, based on the user’s preferences. The products contain a potent CO2 extract of Sea Buckthorn Berry which is rich in rare omega-7s, beta carotenes and vitamins, and helps fight environmental damage caused by free radicals, especially from sunlight.

Our amazing, mobile Aroma Design Bar can be used to create a one-of-a-kind guest experience both inside and outside the spa. With Au Soleil, our resort partners can even take the spa poolside if they wish. Whether inside, outside, or poolside, once the guest chooses their distinct blend, they can use the Aloe Face & Body Mist on and around their face and body to provide cooling rehydration throughout the day.

Au Soleil and our Aloe Face & Body Mists are debuting this month at the newly renovated Le Guanahani five-star resort in St. Barth. Our CEO, Nick James, met with Martein van Wagenberg, Le Guanahani’s managing director, to create a signature blend for the resort’s 30th anniversary. The blend masterfully layers hints of jasmine, white grapefruit, and lime essential oils and will be incorporated into new spa treatments to be released with their Rest, Engage and Cultivate Wellness Packages.

Nick was on site last week with Le Guanahani’s wellness consultant, Amy McDonald, CEO of Under a Tree, to teach the spa staff about the Aroma Design Bar and App, in addition to transforming the front desk, restaurant and bar staff into “Blending Alchemistas.”