Body Bliss Featured in Mala and Mantra Mindful Meditation Kit

We are so excited to share that Body Bliss has been chosen as the aromatherapy supplier for Mala and Mantra’s new Mindful Meditation Kit. Mala and Mantra is the leading mindful jewelry and accessories line for the resort and spa industry. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by a fair-trade cooperative of women artisans in the Philippines, designed with only the highest quality materials, including sustainable wood beads and semi-precious gemstones that provide wellness through healing properties and energies.

Their new Mindful Meditation Kit is designed as “Meditation 101 in a box.” The kit includes everything you need to get started with a meditation practice:

●Mala and Mantra’s 108-bead “Meditate” mala necklace with mantra

Body Bliss C02 Select Wild Frankincense Essential Oil

●An assorted crystal, to provide healing properties and energies

●Pure Plant Home wild-crafted lavender coconut wax candle

●Mini Buddha incense holder

●Online guided mindfulness meditation from Micole Noble, Mala and Mantra Mindful Meditation Master and Chopra Center Master Educator

Frankincense is grounding, and ideal for easing into a meditation practice. The plant resin and essential oil have been used in rituals in many cultures throughout the centuries for protection, purification, and spiritual awareness. A recent study revealed how frankincense works as an effective antidepressant and relieves stress. It is known to enhance intuition and clairvoyance.

Body Bliss C02 Select Wild Frankincense Essential Oil is 100% natural. Known as producing the purest and concentrated essential oils. Similar to cold pressed oils and organic solvent extractions, CO2 Extracts are oil soluble and free of solvent residues and impurities such as heavy metals. Essential oils extracted through the CO2 process have been found to be more nearly identical to the natural plant compounds with little, if any, chemical change after processing.

“We are proud to be partnering with Body Bliss on the Mindful Meditation Kit. Our goal was to choose the cleanest, most therapeutic-grade products possible. As the leader in natural body care and aromatherapy for spas and resorts, Body Bliss was the obvious choice”, says Judith Compton, founder and creator of Mala and Mantra. “We are both meaningful lifestyle brands whose products resonate with conscious consumers. A perfect match.”

A landmark study released by The Global Wellness Institute indicates that consumer demand for wellness products is higher than ever. The Mindful Meditation Kit is a journey towards mindfulness and self-discovery. Encouraging guests to begin a non-denominational, spiritual practice allows spas to develop a deeper connection with their guests, which creates loyalty and return visits.

“Mindfulness and meditation are at the core of everything we do here at Mala and Mantra. Our genuine hope is that our mala beads don't just give our customers beautiful pieces of jewelry that provide wellness and a sense of peace, but that customers are also able to deepen (or begin) their meditation practice with the use of our products. So to make that easier than ever, we created the Mindful Meditation Kit,” says Compton. Each kit comes in a beautifully packaged box, and retails for $118. They're available online at and via select retail partners.