Bring the Japanese Tradition of Shinrin-Yoku to the Spa

Luxurious Blend of Native Forest Oils, Calming Frankincense and Sandalwood, Stress Relieving Bergamot and Sweet Orange Mimic the Effects of Breathing Forest Air

Body Bliss Tree of Life Forest Bathing products and treatments are inspired by the Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku which encourages spending time in forests for health benefits. In Japan, forest bathing is becoming a staple of mainstream medicine, with companies starting to include forest therapy in healthcare benefits. A quarter of the population partakes in “shinrin-yoku,” which literally means “taking in the forest atmosphere.”

Forest Bathing was recently named one of Top 10 Global Spa & Wellness Trends forecasted by SpaFinder Wellness 365 in their 2015 Trends Report:

“This Japanese concept revolves around a deceptively simple practice: quietly walking and exploring, with a mind deliberately intent on – and all senses keenly open to – every sound, scent, color and ‘feel’ of the forest, in all its buzzing bio-diversity. With forest bathing, mindfulness meets nature…In a related trend, forest essential oils with phytoncides will make their way into more spa experiences and products.”

More than 100 Forest therapy studies have been led by Japan at a cost of $4 million. Studies indicate that it significantly lowers blood pressure, heart rate, cortisol levels and sympathetic nerve activity compared with city walks, while also alleviating stress and depression.Exposure to phytoncides, the airborne, aromatic chemicals/oils emitted by many trees is shown to boost natural killer (NK) cells and anticancer proteins by 40 percent.

“Body Bliss has been offering Forest Bathing products and treatments for the last couple of years. The fact that Forest Bathing is now a global trend is further proof that we are on track when it comes to creating authentic treatments with true wellness benefits,” said CEO Nick James. “Tree of Life Forest Bathing Body Oil and Mist are formulated to mimic the effects of breathing forest air: reducing stress and boosting immune function. In addition it soothes muscle and joint discomfort. It has elevating and strengthening qualities that quiet anxiety and connect us to spirit.”

Tree of Life Forest Bathing Oil and Mist contain a luxurious blend of Native Forest Oils, Calming Frankincense and Sandalwood, Stress Relieving Bergamot and Sweet Orange. Tree of Life products are featuring in Body Bliss’ Forest Bathing Body Treatment along with Mountain Arnica Salve and Organic Eucalyptus Oil. The treatment includes massage, decompressing in Eucalyptus steam room, hot towel compresses and stretching and joint release.

Body Bliss partner Woodloch Lodge in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains (U.S.) has taken Forest Bathing to the forest, adding a Forest Bathing program. The program features talks led by a master herbalist teaching guests the shinrin-roku way: mindful contemplation, deep-breathing and foraging for edible plants/remedies.