Property Profile: Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa—Interview with Owner Betsy Abrams

We have been involved with our partner Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa in Littleton, Colorado since “Day One.” Services are based on the five elements; Water, Fire, Metal, Wood, and Earth—where re-balancing is the goal. Body Bliss was honored to create five signature essential oil blends for each element.

Five Wellbeing is the result of founder/owner Betsy Abrams’ original vision, brought to life under the guidance of seasoned luxury spa consultant, Nancy Nemer, Principal of Red Cashew. We were fortunate to sit down with Betsy and Nancy to get a sense of how Five Elements came together organically.

Following is our interview with Betsy…Part 2 with Nancy to follow. Enjoy!

Interview with Betsy Abrams

BB: Tell us about how you came up with the idea for Five Wellbeing.

BA: When obtaining my graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica, we were encouraged to think about our direction in life, and how we can make a difference in the world. One of my projects was creating a place to work with people in healing way. I’ve never thought of being a doctor or naturopath—I just wanted to provide the place.

Then life happened. I was Director of Sales for Tyson Foods. I had a baby at 43. Then my husband developed terminal cancer and died a few years later. The memory of my husband’s questions – “What are your dreams? What do you really want?” – caused me to realize that what I desire is to capture the best of my experiences to create a space of self-care, nurturing and self-discovery.

I was so stressed out from being caretaker of six-year-old and terminally ill husband. Aha moment, my mantra was if not now, when? It started to snowball. Then the perfect place came. (my husband would have killed me for buying the property without a business plan, but I did it my way; a little backwards.)

I Googled ‘spa consultants’ and found Nancy Nemer from Red Cashew. A week later she was at my door, and we started brainstorming. The right people have showed up along the way. I was scared, because it seemed like more than I was capable of. I think that is why it took so long to come to fruition. I had to take my time. It took three years to get a concept solidified and finalize permits with the city. Our open house was June 10th and we opened our doors a week later.

BB: Tell us about how you created a luxury resort spa experience in a day spa?

BA: I’m a spa junkie. When I arrive at a hotel or resort, the first thing I do is book a spa treatment. I have also been fortunate to visit iconic destination spas like Miraval and Canyon Ranch. My husband used to say I live my life like a spa.

When I was at Miraval, I would sit there and say “I wished my friends could be here,” although it was out of reach for most. So I thought, I can’t bring my friends here to experience this, but maybe I can bring these experiences home to my friends.

To develop a luxury spa experience, we took advantage of specialty equipment like the Jouvence float table, the Gharieni quartz table, and the SolTec Lounge Chair. Nancy and I found unique vendor offerings that many spas were afraid to try.

Everything is about experience. We used a Himalayan singing bowl as part of our treatment ritual. We spared no expense with Comphy linens, Majestic Spa Robes and luxury amenities. We also have a beautiful back yard and a gorgeous front porch, which gives us a resort feel.

BB: How has Body Bliss helped Five Elements?

BA: When I saw Body Bliss at the 2014 ISPA Conference, I said, “All of what you do is me – you created your company for me!” Body Bliss has unique products that are meaningful and helpful. I love the packaging, and your bridging of ancient aromatherapy with the technology of the Aroma Design Bar and App. At that point, we were in the major infancy of concept stage.

Body Bliss developed the five signature blends for our Aromatherapy Journey. We also retail a Body Butter with all five elements for our spa boutique. Every guest experiences our signature Aromatherapy Journey before their treatment, so Body Bliss is a foundation in our spa.

BB: Any last words?

BA: One of our pillars is to be an integral part of the community. Five Wellbeing is a place where you feel welcome, like a second home. Our porch is a place where organic farmers can set up and neighbors can buy produce. We leave a dog bowl out front. We are fortunate that downtown Littleton has that old historic feel. We have many levels of treatments and services, as well as yoga and other classes available in our Studio. Our goal is accessible wellness.

Thank you Betsy. If you are in Littleton, stop by Five Wellbeing for a signature Aromatherapy Journey!