Property Profile Part II: Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa - Interview with Spa Consultant Nancy Nemer

From concept to completion, renowned spa consultant Nancy Nemer was Betsy Abrams’s cohort in Five Wellbing. Nancy’s firm Red Cashew specializes in strategic planning, operations, branding, interior design and spa retail for luxury developments, both domestically and across the globe. Clients include WorldCare Health and Wellness Resort, Dubai; Tiger Woods, Dubai; Miraval Life in Balance; Marriott International, Inc.; Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC; and Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts.

Body Bliss recently got Nancy on the phone to ask her a few questions about Five Wellbeing from a spa consultant’s point of view.

BB: How did you get involved with Betsy Abrams and Five Wellbeing? You traditionally work on bigger resort projects, yes?

NN: Three and half years ago, I got a call from Betsy. She found me on the internet, and told me about her idea for a place for wellbeing. She started thinking about the concept while getting her graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology at Santa Monica University. Students were encouraged to make the world a better place.

Although I specialize in hotels and resorts, I met with and loved Betsy right away. I knew I could help her with branding, marketing and product development. She is the perfect client—there is a high level of trust, a good budget, and she does not have “champagne taste on beer money.” She is a very open, modern woman.

When we opened, Betsy said to me, “You are all over the spa.” I said “not true – I got it out of your head!”

BB: How is the Five Wellbeing Concept Different from a Typical Day Spa?

I went through every process as I would have a luxury hotel. Betsy has been to spas all over the world. Her idea was to bring the sophistication of a luxury spa experience to her community—making it accessible to everyone. The approach to wellbeing is the point of difference.

Services and products are based on the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We developed a signature Aromatherapy Journey before every treatment, based on five signature essential oil blends developed by Body Bliss. We developed private label products as well. Our goal was to turn the traditional spa experience into a wellbeing experience.

The second difference is the use of wellness-driven equipment and technology to keep labor costs down and improve the guest experience. Our goal was Approachable Wellbeing—an ability to scale the menu so it is approachable at any price point. We have a Gharieni Quartz Table, a Jouvence Float bed, two Soltec Chairs and a Salt Inhalation room.

IT technology also factored into creating a luxury guest experience. That includes individual temperature and sound control. Most day spas don’t do that. By bringing these type of things to the community – people don’t have to spend $500 a night to have access.

Much like destination spas offer, the team at Five Wellbeing will bring in top experts in their field to share knowledge and offer professional advice on topics such as women’s and men’s health, nutrition, how to meditate and art as therapy. On the interactive side, classes in mala making, essential oil blending and journaling are all part of our exciting programming at Five Wellbeing.

BB: How did Body Bliss enter the picture?

We spent some time in the Body Bliss at the 2014 ISPA Conference, and we were both in love with the products and the people. We loved the Aroma Design Bar concept, but wanted private label as part of brand strategy. So we asked Body Bliss to create something based on the Five Elements – Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water.

Body Bliss developed our Signature Aromatherapy Inhalation Journey– based on the Element you need that day. We also have a Goat Milk Body Butter in all Five Elements, for sale in the retail boutique. We plan to expand on the retail products in the future. Body Bliss is an essential partner for Five Wellbeing!