Scents of Love: Best Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day

Scent is a powerful aphrodisiac. Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, essential oils have been used to enhance health, beauty, fertility, and of course, love. This Valentine’s Day, why not stay at home with the one you love and enjoy a sensuous, aromatic experience—far more intimate than a crowded restaurant.

Here are our top picks for essential oils and products to enhance your Valentine’s Day experience. From magic elixirs, to love lotions and potions, Body Bliss will help you relieve stress and spice up your love life through the power of aromatherapy.


Throughout history, Rose has reigned supreme as the most seductive of all essential oils. Rose is the great healer, opening the doors to the giving and receiving of love. Cleopatra is reputed to have scented the sails of her royal barge with rose water to seduce Mark Antony. Rose helps open the heart to deeper levels of love and compassion and sexual energy flow.

Body Bliss I Love products, from the Intentional Aromatherapy Collection, is the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day. I love is for lovers…lovers of others, and lovers of life. Start your Valentine’s Day ritual by creating an atmosphere for love.

Spray I Love Rose Hydrosol Mist on yourself or around your home. The subtle scent of rose will stimulate the limbic system, setting the mood on an unconscious level. This mist is the pure product of the distillation of Rose petals, with the addition of Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize.


Champaca, also known as White Magnolia, is known for its hypnotic scent and aphrodisiac qualities.Extracted from the fragrant flowers of a tree revered by the Hindus, the seductive fragrance of champaca soothes and relaxes, putting you in the mood for love!

The combination of scent and touch is a powerful libido enhancer. I Love Jasmine & Champaca Tantric Body Oil is ideal for couple’s massage, to invite harmony and synchronicity.The luxurious blend of nine precious essential oils harmonizes and connects the energy flow between individuals. Its vibration invites aliveness from the core to the periphery, and its scent opens your senses in a gentle yet profound way.


Jasmine is an ideal essential oil for romantic encounters. A sacred flower in ancient Persia, it is said to attract a lover due to its irresistible aroma. Jasmine helps dissolve patterns of frigidity and impotence, encouraging relaxed confidence and passion.

Body Bliss SENSUOUS products, from the Chakra Balance Collection, correspond to the color orange and nourish the 2nd Chakra (the seat of sexuality.) They awaken the senses, inviting pleasure and happiness.

Join your partner in the tub filled with SENSUOUS Body Wash to create luxurious foam bath. Refreshing and uplifting, essential oils of Jasmine and Pink Grapefruit aid emotional well-being and make your skin look radiant.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is scientifically-proven to contribute to a positive mood – leaving you feeling happy, uplifted and quietly confident. In Indonesia, Ylang Ylang flowers are scattered on the bed of newly married couples. Releasing our sensuality, this powerhouse essential oil will help curb your inhibitions.

From our new Pocket Therapies Collection, Body Bliss Happy Stick—an essential blend of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, lime and Vanilla—enhances well-being while softening your skin. This 100% natural lotion bar made from pure botanical emollients softens skin as well as your demeanor. And we all know that soft skin is skin you want to touch!


Sandalwood essential oil is known for its gender-neutral, woodsy smell. A part of religious traditions in India and other Eastern countries, the sandalwood tree itself is considered holy—used for religious ceremonies and weddings. Sandalwood is great as a balancing base note when blended with other oils.

Sandalwood is blended with Rose and Geranium in HEARTFUL Shea Butter Cream from the Chakra Balance Collection. Ideal for a sensual foot massage, this rich, whipped cream is full of natural plant butters and emollients to nourish and condition your skin. It absorbs easily leaving a satin-soft finish.


Among Lavender’s many gifts is the gift of amour. Proven to enhance sexual arousal, Dr. Alan Hirsch at the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation studied the effects of 30 different scents on the arousal of 31 male volunteers. The winner was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie, which produced a 40% increase in sexual arousal.

Top off your Valentine’s day experience with LUMINOUS Lavender & Ylang-Ylang Votive Candle. This relaxing aromatherapy candle made with 100% pure, GMO free soy wax and essential oils in a glass votive will make your partner putty in your hands!

Feeling especially adventurous? Try some edible aromatherapy delights featuring Body Bliss 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Whip up some lavender-infused dark chocolate truffles. The aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate are well-documented. The Aztecs were the first on record to draw a link between the cocoa bean and sexual desire: the emperor Montezuma was said to consume copious amounts on his romantic trysts. Chocolate contains tryptophan, a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal, and phenylethylamine, released in the brain when people fall in love.

Or better yet, try some Lavender-infused pumpkin pie – guaranteed results!