Summer Aromatherapy Essentials

Summer is here, and we at Body Bliss are ready to get out into the great outdoors! As you step up your activity levels the next few months, here are some summer aromatherapy essentials for home and on the road. Even a hostess gift for your Auntie Ellen!

For Your Body

Summer heat can cause swollen and cracked feet. Take a load off with our INSPIRED Organic Mint & Arnica Cooling Foot Cream. Rich plant butters and essential oils of Peppermint work to cool your legs and feet. Cleanse and exfoliate your face and body with INSPIRED Organic Mint & Arnica Bamboo Cooling Gel Polish made with pure Aloe Vera and Bamboo. The oil-free formula prevents breakouts causes by heavy, oil-based sunscreens.

Our summertime can’t-live-without is I LOVE Rose Hyrdrosol Mist. Cranky from the heat? The subtle scent of rose will stimulate the limbic system, improving your mood on an unconscious level. I Love Rose Hydrosol Mist is created by the distillation of Rose petals, with the addition of Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize.

Protect yourself from bites this summer with our Bug Mist and Bug Stick. Containing a proprietary blend of pure essential oils to naturally keep bugs at bay, both are DEET free, great smelling natural insect repellants that are completely free of parabens, phthalates or mineral oils.

On the Road and in the Air

Long car-rides and lack of sleep take a toll on our bodies. Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Body Oil is one of the most used products in the treatment rooms of luxury spas. This uniquely healing and purifying blend is rich in Southwest botanicals. High concentrations of Mountain Arnica — the ‘go-to’ herb great for easing pain — and Organic Lavender relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Sage is purifying and uplifting to the spirits.

Also try our Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Soothing Salve — great for sticking in your backpack on long summer journeys, and I PLAY Arnica & Immortelle Essence applied directly to the skin. Both ease tension and discomfort in muscles and joints and promote rapid recovery and soft tissue repair. I PLAY Arnica & Immortelle Essence also soothes and protects the respiratory system, which is ideal while breathing recycled air for hours on end. I PLAY Wintergreen & Arnica Salveis another product that provides convenient pain relief on the go.

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Hostess Gift

Visiting friends or relatives this summer? Our Native Botanicals Gift Set is the ideal hostess gift that the whole family can enjoy. The set contains one each of COCONUT KUKUI Argan Hair & Scalp Serum, OCEAN DEW Trans-Dermal Magnesium Gel, PRICKLY PEAR Jojoba Body Lotion, TREE OF LIFE - Forest Bathing Face & Body Mist and TURQUOISE SAGE Mountain Arnica Body Oil, all with blends of essential oils designed to bring happiness to the recipient!