Native Botanicals:  An Indigenous American Experience. At the core of what we do is where we are. Native Botanicals is American inspired, American made, and uses indigenous American botanicals for a truly American spa experience. Our most perennially popular line, it combines wonderfully evocative scents with unparalleled healing benefits.

Aroma Design: The power of aromatherapy, curated without compromise.

Barefoot Botanist: The Barefoot Botanist is our boutique line. Combining elegance of form and function with the pleasure that comes from organic aromatics composed with pleasure in mind. It is where elegant aesthetics and botanical healing meet in beautiful harmony. Three scent stories complement each other perfectly, and can be used for rotating seasonal offerings or enjoyed year round. Calendula Orange Myrtle is renewing and uplifting, Lavender Blue Chamomile calming and soothing, and Vanilla Chai Spice warming and grounding.

Intentional AromatherapyQuality because these formulas are composed without compromise using exquisite essential oils sourced from boutique and organic farms around the globe. Beauty because each oil blend is designed to capture the heart…and while we all know that scent is such a personal experience, you are sure to find your perfect match here. And lastly, Intention. True to the name of this collection, and true to every product that we make, each of these blends holds a specific intention…a defined, positive outcome for your well-being…encoded in its formulation.

Chakra Balance: According to ancient understanding, there are 7 energy centers or chakras in the body, each of which nourish and regulate one important aspect of life. Body Bliss products in the Chakra Balance range work to activate and nourish these chakras. It is easy to identify which center a particular product activates by looking at the color on the product label.

AyurvedaOur Ayurvedic massage oils are all made using traditional methods of decocting herbal preparations imported from India over a low heat, followed by heating the decoctions in oil over long periods to infuse the herbs into the oils. In addition to the traditional herbs, the oils chosen to infuse them into are dosha specific, and the finished products are enhanced with blends of essential oils specifically designed to bring balance to each of the three doshas.

Vibrant Beauty: Clean skin care infusing the power of pure plant botanicals and essential oils for luminously glowing results

Pocket Therapies: Pocket therapies give you all the power of the world’s finest aromatherapy in fun, travel size containers. Offering many simple ways to make aromatherapy a part of your healthy and abundant lifestyle, they make wonderful treats for yourself, or gifts for friends.

Crystal Infused Roll onsAromatherapy blends infused with semi-precious gemstones to increase energetic vibration, provide balance and clarity. Our most popular essential oil blends combined with gemstones for a range of positive effects, available in convenient roll-on tubes for travel and home care. Apply to pulse points and inhale as therapy with a reminder of your intentions to enhance wellbeing throughout the day.

CBD by Body Bliss™: Combines the benefits of Aromatherapy and CBD for even stronger therapeutic effects. The essential oils in our CBD products were chosen specifically because of their ability to bond more strongly with CBD receptors. We use other powerhouse ingredients such as arnica and turmeric to supercharge the benefits provided with these products. When applied topically CBD can work at the source of pain or discomfort and has a much quicker effect on the targeted area. This blend optimizes the combined effect of full spectrum CBD with our powerful essential oils, providing ultimate relief.