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Clean skin care infusing the power of pure plant botanicals and essential oils for luminously glowing results.


Guide to choosing the correct Body Bliss™ Vibrant Beauty Skincare Products

Normal skin - Normal skin looks soft, moist, plump, and dewy and has a healthy glow and color. The surface of the skin shows a fine texture, and there are no visible wrinkles, fine lines, or open pores.

Dry skin - Dry skin is the result of sebaceous gland underactivity. It is hereditary but can also result from the aging process. Dry skin also tends to be dehydrated. Its lacks of oil diminishes its ability to retain moisture. It tends to be very fine, with almost invisible pores and tends to wrinkle easily.

Sensitive Skin - The term sensitive skin is used to describe any skin type that responds especially quickly and adversely to sudden changes of temperature or humidity and bruises very easily. Sensitive skin types are also allergic to many cosmetics products and demands constant attention

Combination skin - Combination skin is characterized by the existence of two or more different skin types or conditions. A classic combination skin is oily around the nose, forehead, and chin, but dry on the rest of the face. When treating a combination skin, each area is treated for its particular needs. For example, when applying a mask, a mask formulated for oily skin is applied to the oily areas of the face and a mask formulated for dry skin is applied to dry areas.

Mature skin - The skin loses its elasticity, becomes flaccid and sags, becomes thinner and drier, and shows deepening lines and wrinkles. The skin looks withered and dull. Growths and pigmentation appear along with small capillaries. This all happens in varying degrees as we age.




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