Our Story

Body Bliss™ was formed in 1999 and launched in 2000 by a group whose backgrounds included massage and bodywork, aromatherapy, color therapy, botanical science, teaching, and design. Continuing the legacy of Body Bliss through Intentional Aromatherapy®, Pam's vision of accessible luxury has come to life in our diverse line of personal care products and continues to grow as we refine our formulas for the wellness of our clients.

We were formed on a simple premise that therapists and body workers are in intimate contact with the products they use all day, every day. If they work with products that support and enhance their well-being, then the benefits they feel will in turn flow naturally to their clients.

It has always been our belief that the healing potential of aromatherapy is widely underestimated and is realizable only using the purest and most complete essential oils. Body Bliss™ products are formulated using the purest ingredients, as naturally as possible, to enhance the health and well-being of therapist and client alike.  

We search the world for "boutique" growers and distillers of essential oils that are beyond compare. Working with small collectives of farmers who are dedicated to their art, and who are invested in taking care of the natural environment that supports them, our offering extends to over 100 organic, ethically wild crafted or ecologically sensible essential oils and CO2 extracts. These wonderful oils form the basis of our products.


The symbolism of the logo is simple. The word BODY is emboldened because it is the more physical or tangible part of us. The word BLISS is lighter as it represents the more ethereal part of us. They are joined because we operate in the place where the physical - the body, touch, product - and the etheric - scent, vibration, energy – meet and BLISS is released. The tiny flame design over the word BODY represents ‘ajna’ the home of concealed wisdom in Vedic teaching, and the place where all inspiration for Body Bliss products comes from.

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