Rush Creek Lodge: Property with Purpose

Rush Creek Lodge: Property with Purpose

Body Bliss is honored to be working with Rush Creek Lodge, our partner at the doorstep of Yosemite National Park. Opened in 2016, Rush Creek is the first lodging to open in the park’s vicinity in more than 25 years. The contemporary sister property of Evergreen Lodge, Rush Creek’s resort-style lodge features extensive culinary, recreational, and wellness amenities. Body Bliss is pleased to be offered among these luxury amenities. Rush Creek’s aromatherapy experiences delight guests with customized aromatherapy products they can enjoy on property and at home.

Before we get into the spa and wellness offerings, we must tell you about how Rush Creek gives back. Rush Creek 

joins Evergreen Lodge as a Certified B Corporation—which mean they meet rigorous social sustainability and environmental performance standards and put the health of their communities, environment and staff on the same level as the health of the bottom line. Among other sustainability initiatives are one of the most comprehensive commercial greywater systems in California, local sourcing, energy conservation, waste reduction, and environmental education.

Last but certainly not least, Rush Creek and Evergreen offer a fully self-funded on-site youth employment program serving high-potential young adults from urban backgrounds who work in various departments at the lodge as paid seasonal interns. Not only do they learn a specific trade, they are offered career planning and outdoor challenges.

Okay, onto the wellness offerings! Massage Therapist Gigi Richardson is the visionary behind Rush Creek’s wellness program, and the new 5 treatment room, 5,000 square feet indoor/outdoor spa that integrates Rush Creek’s signature combination of stone, sound, scent, and warmth. The design and treatments were inspired by Yosemite’s magnificent waterfalls, granite formations, glaciers, river rocks and hot springs. Highlights include an Aromatherapy Steam Room Infused with eucalyptus and amber lighting, a Himalayan Salt Block Sauna, a Cold Mist Shower, reminiscent of a breeze blowing by a waterfall, and the Sensory Room a multi-sensory experience featuring light, sound and color.

The one of a kind Warm Waterfall Rejuvenation Station feature is inspired by a restorative experience Gigi had one

day while exploring a local’s favorite hiking spot, Carlon Falls. Gigi wanted to emulate the feeling of sitting on a stone in nature and having a waterfall flow right over your shoulders. Another unique feature is their River Rock Beds, inspired by lazy afternoons lying on Yosemite’s sun-baked, smooth granite.

The spa was set to be open this summer before the Covid-19 outbreak, but the launch was re-scheduled to September 2020. Currently, the Wellness team provides massage treatments in the new open-air cabana on the Sunset Deck.

Rush Creek’s aromatherapy program with Body Bliss includes the Walk-up Aromatherapy Blending Bar using the Intentional Aromatherapy App. In this interactive workshop,

Wellness guides explain different essential oils and assist guests in the process of custom blending body butter, soaking salts, or a gemstone roll on oil using the App.

Photos of the property: