Crystal Infused - What + Why

Crystal Infused - What + Why

Published by Melany Manuele on 4th Mar 2024

Crystal Infused™ - What + Why

Body Bliss™ has been offering a line of Crystal Infused™ Essential Oil Roll-Ons for more than ten years, but what are these colorful concoctions and why is everyone so obsessed with the results?

Our unique line of aromatherapy blends infused with semi-precious gemstones are formulated to increase energetic vibration, provide balance, and enhance clarity – all while being the perfect pocket-sized companion packed full of delightful aromas and eye catching, colorful crystals.

But it’s not just about curb appeal. When selecting gemstones for these powerhouse products, we consider the metaphysical representations as well as their stability and Mohs scale rating, or hardness, to ensure an intentional and focused harmony of each individual essential oil blend to which they are paired, ensuring the utmost in your well-being. 

Gemstones – Beauty + Balance

Throughout history gemstones have been used in metaphysical work as well as prized for their ornamental properties, drawing on energies and beauty from mother nature to balance our spiritual being. 

Whether we are looking to simply maintain our highest sense of self or have a desire to refocus our energies based on a specific need, the beauty and balance of gemstones goes far beyond jewelry and home décor. 

Harmony of Senses – Aromatherapy + Color

Achieving a total balance of body and mind can be met through the process of combining our senses to wholly embody feeling and emotion. Bringing together a focused breath in aromatherapy and visual cues of color in gemstones can remind us to set our intentions in a meaningful way.

Reminiscent of a budding rose, a blushing bride and even a soft summer sunset, rose quartz’s delicate pink hue evokes a gentle serenity and compassion that when paired with the sweet floral aromas of rose maroc, lavender and geranium create the ultimate Tender Embrace, sparking an uplifted attitude and opening your heart to give and receive love in abundance.

Meanwhile, green aventurine battles negative thoughts and emotions allowing for the ultimate calming experience as you sink into the subtle scents of ylang ylang, pink grapefruit, vanilla, and jasmine in Mood Melt.

It doesn’t stop there. Visit our full line of Crystal Infused™ and Chakra Balance™ roll-ons to discover your newest favorite!

Integrity – It’s not Science Fiction

The integrity of the properties in our essential oils must be maintained, as such, it’s crucial that we don’t get distracted by all the pretty colors and feelings and forget the science in our stones.

Gemstones are graded on a Mohs scale, representing their ability to resist scratching and surface damage; this is key when thinking of putting crystals into oils. Utilizing only polished, tumbled gemstones that have a Mohs rating of 6 or more ensures these beautiful little additions within our roll-ons stay intact, ensuring no abrasive bits come through.

But are they safe for my skin? 

Gemstones mainly get their colors from natural inclusions within the minerals, some of which can be toxic. 

Body Bliss selects only top-quality crystals with minimal aluminum content that are considered generally safe for skin. Just like wearing a sunstone pendant or donning a ring of garnet, you can enjoy these wonderful blends without worry.

Each batch of stones is prepared through hand-selection and cleaned thoroughly before being put into our products. While you can absolutely never ingest these minerals, nor do we recommend drinking water that has been directly infused with crystals, it is considered generally safe for these lovely gemstones to come into contact with your skin through the use of our essential oil roll-ons.*

*As with any aromatherapy products, it is imperative to consider any health conditions or sensitivities you may have. Aromatherapy is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician and should not be construed as individual medical advice. If you are suffering from any medical condition, or if you are pregnant or lactating, please seek qualified medical advice.

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